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An interview with ErinPtah, the winner of our Easter contest!!!

Erin Ptah


Massachusetts, USA

Preferred Style of Drawing:
Um...mine?  Slides between "stylized anime" and "stylized realism", depending on my mood that day.

Favourite SJA Character:
Sarah Jane, with Maria a close second

Favourite SJA Episode:
"What Ever Happened To Sarah Jane Smith?"  As far as I'm concerned, the more convoluted temporal paradoxes a show has, the better.

Favourite SJA Moment:
Anything where K-9 saves the day.  And, I know this hasn't happened yet, but I absolutely cannot wait for a certain upcoming guest star.

Anything else you want to say:
Just that it's criminal how underappreciated this show is.

A piece of your non-SJA related art you would like to share with us:
Any Oz fans in the crowd? -…

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